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Contour is so beautiful

After a whole night… fiuh… This is what I call “beautiful”.

cvFindContours and cvApproxPoly functions play the big role here. To remove the unexpected contours appear, filter it using how big the area the contours should have. To draw the nice red lines that adapt to sequence running (this is webcam), use cvPolyLine and cvCvtSeqToArray regarding to 4 points that is modeled by CvPoint. The green and blue circles are drawn using cvCircle.

Now time to stay away from the computer.



This year Google holds Google Developer Day 2010 in 5 cities. (hashtag: #gddde). One of them is Munich, the city I’ve been for one year. And that event is today. Unfortunately I didn’t register for the registration on October 1st. Too bad! What I’m really disappointed is the event’s location is really closed to my dormitory, in Kieferngarten area. Just 8 minutes by foot. Oh my goodness! (in Bahasa Indonesia: ngesot dikit dah nyampe!)

After surfing for a while about this event, I’ve found that there had been held hackathon on November 7-8 organized by GTUG. Wow! But the location is far from Central City, in Neuperlach Süd, but still could be reached by U-Bahn U5, it is a subway.

To make myself not fall in the deepest disappointing abyss, hehehe, I just walked there and entered the M.O.C, atrium 4, the building Google using. And took photos. Not so many. Here you are. 🙂

The entrance.

Two photos inside

Steven Gerrard Hat-trick

The clash between Liverpool and Napoli in Anfield last Thursday could be one of the greatest moment Steven Gerrard has. Really he played so determinant and showed himself why he deserved to wear the skipper ban. Left behind one goal scored by Lavezzi, Napoli striker that Maradonna really praise, Gerrard came off the bench to save Liverpool yet again as the irrepressible midfielder scored a second half hat-trick to secure all three points in the Europa League.

All people, not only Liverpudlian, will say the same. He is an amazing-fabulous-remarkable-super-duper-lad!! Not to mention, Goal.com gave him 9.5 point and the reader chose him as Man of the Match. I’ve never seen such a high rating to a player since reading this popular football website two years ago.

Check the photo and video inside!

talking Atmosphere in Oly Stadium

The world cup is over, but the sensation has been saved into a nice photo. Here I show you the atmosphere in Olympiastadium when Germany met Argentina. People sitting in the tribune were so noisy and I like that! That’s the spirit.

But when the match took a place, suddenly it was a little bit quiet. Similary with the tennis match, only voice from two players filling the court. It looks like they hoped so much Germany beat every oppenent and maybe with being quiet, die Nationalmannschaft would have high concentration and score a goal. Hehehe!

There you are, hope you enjoy the photo! 🙂

Clipping about Python

PHP is the most popular programming language for building website, but Python will always be in my heart (till now :p). And I’ve got a nice article from former Facebook engineer who replaced PHP with Python, taken from popular blog ReadWriteWeb. This post isn’t to flame, just to share an experience.

Picking the Right Programming Language for Your Startup

You ask what my programming language is? First Python, second C++, Java in the third place (while in TU Muenchen, it’s the ‘official’ programming language). Perl fourth (to do my part-time job).

Welcome “der Dritte”

Ladies and Gentleman, please welcome the new member, Samsung Monitor “Der Dritte” given by Mas Rokhis standing proudly between  LG 23 inch “Der Erste” and Netbook Toshiba NB205 10 inch “Der Zweite”. Not to mention, there is also a new-used-CPU. Then there would be two servers in my room. 😀 Sure this would enhance my work from now. Hey, why Bing shows up?

Who are Der Erste and Der Zweite?

They did that. How about ME & YOU?

1995 – 2009. One decades has passed and now I’m in my best age and going to be 25 years in 2010. I believe most of you who watch this video have already dreamed and planned something to do for this year. Hope this video could remind and encourage us to make it a real thing, not only in idea anymore.

The Memorable Song In Magelang

This night, somehow, I remember the lyrics from unknown band I heard in my high senior school in Taruna Nusantara around years 2000-2003. Try to google, finally, I find it! Oh great!! That’s the song I always listened in the Magelang radio station, Unima, while sleeping in my bed and spacing out to ceiling. (Mellow mode)

Ladies and Gentleman, here is….

First Day After Two Weeks Holiday

Two weeks to push F5 on my brain are over. Welcome back, students! Time to study now!

The daily life of TUM Garching Forschungzentrum backs to normal. Students drop off from the U-Bahn and walk to the campuss. So crowded! But it is better than two years ago, this route is still new. Before, students have to take the bus, can you imagine?

I’m back my beloved campuss. 🙂

Feldmochinger See

To kill my time in this end of holiday, better than sitting in front of my PC, I went to one of lakes in München. To Feldmochinger See. Of course, it locates near to U2 Feldmoching station, but you need to take the bus 174 to reach the lake.

This is one of scenes I took. The lake, the tree, the sun and the empty chair waiting lovey-dovey couple to spend their romance time here. A nice place, heuh… I still have more pictures.

More pictures inside. Check them out!