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This year Google holds Google Developer Day 2010 in 5 cities. (hashtag: #gddde). One of them is Munich, the city I’ve been for one year. And that event is today. Unfortunately I didn’t register for the registration on October 1st. Too bad! What I’m really disappointed is the event’s location is really closed to my dormitory, in Kieferngarten area. Just 8 minutes by foot. Oh my goodness! (in Bahasa Indonesia: ngesot dikit dah nyampe!)

After surfing for a while about this event, I’ve found that there had been held hackathon on November 7-8 organized by GTUG. Wow! But the location is far from Central City, in Neuperlach Süd, but still could be reached by U-Bahn U5, it is a subway.

To make myself not fall in the deepest disappointing abyss, hehehe, I just walked there and entered the M.O.C, atrium 4, the building Google using. And took photos. Not so many. Here you are. 🙂

The entrance.

The main hall. Could you feel the atmosphere so intense here? Hehehe!

Have Google thought about developing super-tech-bike too? of course with Balloon.

Just 15 minutes in the building and I return to my dorm, the exercises from my professor are waiting.


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2 thoughts on “#GDDDE

  1. So did you attend the event?

    Posted by za | 2 February 2012, 04:24

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