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Steven Gerrard Hat-trick

The clash between Liverpool and Napoli in Anfield last Thursday could be one of the greatest moment Steven Gerrard has. Really he played so determinant and showed himself why he deserved to wear the skipper ban. Left behind one goal scored by Lavezzi, Napoli striker that Maradonna really praise, Gerrard came off the bench to save Liverpool yet again as the irrepressible midfielder scored a second half hat-trick to secure all three points in the Europa League.

All people, not only Liverpudlian, will say the same. He is an amazing-fabulous-remarkable-super-duper-lad!! Not to mention, Goal.com gave him 9.5 point and the reader chose him as Man of the Match. I’ve never seen such a high rating to a player since reading this popular football website two years ago.

1st goal that showed his determination to win

2nd goal flipped the score into 2-1

[All pictures taken from Liverpool FC official site]

Again and again, he could lift up the spirit of his comrades when the team is down. What lesson we can take from Gerrard is a determination not to lose to anything until the end of game. I hope young player like Jonjo Shelvey, Nathan Eccleston, and Jay Spearing, who were lucky to be played at that tremendous moment, could copy his spirit in the future of Merseyside.

NB: I write this post because getting hyped by the CityTalk 105.9 FM, Liverpool radio. One day before big match between Chelsea and Liverpool, the host played the recording of any goal moment in the stadium. The atmosphere is really intense! :D.

In Italy, we have Andrea Pirlo and Wesley Sneider. In Spain, Xavi and Iniesta are the best. In England, Gerrard deserves to be known as one of the world-class midfielder in the world.

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