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Clipping about Python

PHP is the most popular programming language for building website, but Python will always be in my heart (till now :p). And I’ve got a nice article from former Facebook engineer who replaced PHP with Python, taken from popular blog ReadWriteWeb. This post isn’t to flame, just to share an experience.

Picking the Right Programming Language for Your Startup

You ask what my programming language is? First Python, second C++, Java in the third place (while in TU Muenchen, it’s the ‘official’ programming language). Perl fourth (to do my part-time job).


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4 thoughts on “Clipping about Python

  1. Unfortunately, the author of that article didn’t do a great job in arguing or presenting technical comparison for his choice. It’s like he just expresses his own preference based on his “not-very-satisfying” experience with PHP (other languages).
    I will still learn Python though. 😉

    Posted by Yonata | 5 August 2010, 10:13
  2. Well, the reason I love python rather than PHP is its threading module. That is the one PHP doesn’t have. Sometimes, I need to use threading in my application and PHP can not feed me that. But, there is a solution to implement threading in PHP like using shellexec technique and using Apache thread module. Using shellexec is not really a threading, if say so;and implementing threading using apache module is somthing tricky. Fuhffft…

    My first favorite languange is Java for programming, and Python for scripting.

    Posted by ganda | 2 September 2010, 08:00
  3. kata orang2 tentang PHP: http://www.quora.com/What-are-the-crawling-horrors-of-PHP

    kata gw: use the tool you are most comfortable with and keep yourself open to new approaches 🙂

    Posted by Mike | 8 September 2010, 15:57
  4. php is music of my country :p

    Posted by andhy | 10 November 2010, 05:06

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