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Welcome “der Dritte”

Ladies and Gentleman, please welcome the new member, Samsung Monitor “Der Dritte” given by Mas Rokhis standing proudly between  LG 23 inch “Der Erste” and Netbook Toshiba NB205 10 inch “Der Zweite”. Not to mention, there is also a new-used-CPU. Then there would be two servers in my room. 😀 Sure this would enhance my work from now. Hey, why Bing shows up?

So who is Der Erste? As you see in the left side, the biggest monitor with wallpaper Longcat smirking to Google. Do you know Longcat? The longest cat in the world. LOL. Der Erste is my powerful PC, inside of him there are several servers, that of course I won’t say here, connected to the high speed bandwidth in my campus. Never use Flash Disk anymore. Moreover, it is installed with TV Tuner for killing time in my lazy sunday. 😀

Next, Der Zweite. My cutey lovely netbook showing Yahoo homepage which always accompany me everytime I’m dying in the train heading to my lovely campus. Why I need her? She is so light and compact to put in the bag. Powerful enough to programming and writing, and the most reason many friends of mine envy her, she could last until 6 hours. No need to bring her adaptor. The only competitor that could beat her is likely iPad.

Then, now Der Dritte comes, what should I do next? One PC + the monitor. Any suggestion? My plan is to install Ubuntu Lucid Server, because Ubuntu Client Karmic have been installed in Der Erste and Der Zweite.

NB: Congrats for Spain to emerge as victor in 2010!


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3 thoughts on “Welcome “der Dritte”

  1. little bit same with me 😀
    i am using HP Mini note 2140 + Hp Pro 3000SFF.
    have you ever used Meego? Its looks like have good GUI

    Posted by Andhy | 12 July 2010, 09:34
  2. Are you endorsed by HP? :p
    HP Pro 3000SFF => at a glance, it’s kinda professional/office PC.
    MeeGo. I’ll consider about that, ndy. For the new PC maybe, for netbook, definitely not.

    Posted by Winnu Ayi | 12 July 2010, 19:07
  3. Its given by company.
    Meego is definitely for netbook 😛

    Posted by Andhy | 14 July 2010, 12:16

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