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Feldmochinger See

To kill my time in this end of holiday, better than sitting in front of my PC, I went to one of lakes in München. To Feldmochinger See. Of course, it locates near to U2 Feldmoching station, but you need to take the bus 174 to reach the lake.

This is one of scenes I took. The lake, the tree, the sun and the empty chair waiting lovey-dovey couple to spend their romance time here. A nice place, heuh… I still have more pictures.

These are the trees surrounding the lake and a good place to go jogging. This lake is as big as a football field. So, you Geek, stop staring this blog and dreaming to role the world. Do exercise! You need sweat! Even outside is still snowy.

What should I describe this photo? A lonely tree trying to bear the sunshine? Ups, still winter, maybe she was sunbathing. Wanna get tanned skin.

Ahh… this one. I tried to take a photo of ducks swimming in the cold water, but what a handy mobile phone. Limit by the specification. Can you see a several of black objects? Yes? C’mon say yes! Just imagine those are the ducks!!!

Next photo. There is a nice place to see this beautiful scene. You must be wanna go inside and see the lake. Then just check the next photo.

Here you are the scene from inside that small building. There is still some ice floating in the middle. And somehow, some birds standing on that ice. Schön!

Last photo. Ducks again! In the better angle. Many ducks swimming happily in this winter season. What a duck! Hey, it’s cold ya know! Get out or all of you will get a cold.

My hands frozen and empty stomach forced me to go home. Ho! Ho! Ho! Okay, maybe next time, we explore other lakes in München.


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2 thoughts on “Feldmochinger See

  1. wawaw.. is it snow?? kyakyakya >.<

    Posted by imelwa | 31 January 2010, 13:33
  2. that was so damned cold!

    Posted by Winnu Ayi | 12 July 2010, 19:21

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