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They did that. How about ME & YOU?

1995 – 2009. One decades has passed and now I’m in my best age and going to be 25 years in 2010. I believe most of you who watch this video have already dreamed and planned something to do for this year. Hope this video could remind and encourage us to make it a real thing, not only in idea anymore.


The Memorable Song In Magelang

This night, somehow, I remember the lyrics from unknown band I heard in my high senior school in Taruna Nusantara around years 2000-2003. Try to google, finally, I find it! Oh great!! That’s the song I always listened in the Magelang radio station, Unima, while sleeping in my bed and spacing out to ceiling. (Mellow mode)

Ladies and Gentleman, here is….

First Day After Two Weeks Holiday

Two weeks to push F5 on my brain are over. Welcome back, students! Time to study now!

The daily life of TUM Garching Forschungzentrum backs to normal. Students drop off from the U-Bahn and walk to the campuss. So crowded! But it is better than two years ago, this route is still new. Before, students have to take the bus, can you imagine?

I’m back my beloved campuss. ūüôā

Feldmochinger See

To kill my time in this end of holiday, better than sitting in front of my PC, I went to one of lakes in M√ľnchen. To Feldmochinger See.¬†Of course, it locates near to U2 Feldmoching station, but you need to take the bus 174 to reach the lake.

This is one of scenes I took. The lake, the tree, the sun and the empty chair waiting lovey-dovey couple to spend their romance time here.¬†A nice place, heuh… I still have more pictures.

More pictures inside. Check them out!

Frohe neues Jahr

M√ľnchen war wirklich fantastisch in die Silvestertag. Mein Freunde und ich haben im Olympiaberg am abends gegangen. Das Park ist im Olympiapark, n√§he von meinem Wohnheim. Es ist ein gute Platz zu die Stadt ansehen.

Wann wir dort werden, die M√ľnchener brachte viele Feuerwerksk√∂per. Es gibt mehr als Indonesisch bringen.¬†Ich kann mich nicht glauben. Sie feueren sich bei Feuerwerks spielen. Hahaha! Toll!

Schau mal! Die Feuerwerk war w√ľnderbar! Und es dauerte 30 Minuten! Ver√ľckt!! Ich war Gl√ľcklich zu hier werden!