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Angelique, The Heroine from France

I’ve watched nice movies in TV5 Asie. There were pentalogy movies. The movies were made in 1964. It were so old!! And the protagonist is a heroine, Angélique Sancé de Monteloup. She was played by Michèle Mercier, an France actress.

Angélique lives in France in 1661 when Louise XIV was still alive. She was like Indiana Jones, but in another way, she has to fight against Versailles Court, Persian ambassador, and Kesultanan of Aljazair. The stories are very good, from France to Aljazair. Hohoho! I love them much, indeed.

The Young Michèle Mercier at age 25. (1964)

AngŽlique marquise des anges

Disclaimer : There are many pictures. For low bandwidth connection, think again!

Here you are the pentalogy of Angélique.

1. Angélique, marquise des anges


2. Merveilleuse Angélique


3. Angélique et le roy


4. Indomptable Angélique


5. Angélique et le sultan


And here we are our heroine when she is old.

The Old Michèle Mercier at age 70. Wohoho! (Born : 1 January 1939). Happy Birthday Madam!!


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12 thoughts on “Angelique, The Heroine from France

  1. I love the movies very much!! Adventure genre!!

    Posted by Winnu Ayi | 7 January 2009, 08:56
  2. Wuih cakep, tapi tuanya gitu ya..hehe

    Posted by Raffaell | 8 January 2009, 15:19
  3. wong, dari louise XIV ampe Raja Aljazair semuanya kepincut pengen dapetin dia. 😀
    hehehe… maklum… gampang berkerut.

    Posted by Winnu Ayi | 8 January 2009, 18:14
  4. Versi tua-nya masih keliatan sisa2 kecantikannya sih…

    Posted by Sheilla | 10 January 2009, 01:43
  5. why all heroine has to have nice cleavage…

    Posted by kenji | 11 January 2009, 08:54
  6. @Sheilla : mungkin dia pake dukun perancis biar tetep cantik. 😀

    @kenji : perhaps to attract many-MEN-from-young-to-old to watch the movie

    Posted by Winnu Ayi | 11 January 2009, 10:27
  7. I love the woman very much, please introduce her to me
    Iron Man

    Posted by Iron Man | 2 February 2009, 13:00
  8. @ Iron Man : hahaha!! maaaaa, maneh di mana ayeuna?! gimana kabar? datang-datang langsung flirting wanita berumur…

    Posted by Winnu Ayi | 4 February 2009, 02:12
  9. J’adore le films avec les 5 angelique

    Posted by maria - elena | 19 June 2009, 20:14
  10. Thank you Michele It is wonderful you are in eart. One of best film Angelique..You look like a angel.

    Posted by Tuula Rosita | 8 March 2010, 18:11
  11. Thank you Michele you are woman with good humour and beatiful.You are wriely Anqelik I was 15 years old when I have chance to see movie.Evrything good to you!!

    Posted by Tuula Leppälä | 8 July 2010, 20:17
  12. Avoid violent outbursts, a cigarette It?Of the ?keywords?, you cannot ignore.Course As temperature, around Christmas It.A high output expressz, the situation and shots without concentrating.Be under the, put us up.,

    Posted by expressz | 3 October 2011, 21:48

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