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Hacktivisme & Hacktivist

Hacktivism and Hacktivist. Sounds great!

George Hulme thinks web defacement and denial-of-service isn’t classified as cyber war, but these actions are forms of demonstration in the cyber world like people who demonstrate in front of US Ambassador to condemn Israel’s attack in Gaza, Palestina. They just want to protest what they think isn’t right in another way, not to yell or to fight against the police, but “protest” in the internet like deface or launch an attack.

Maybe in the future, we’ll see when young people demonstrate in front of  DPR (Dewan Perwakilan Rakyat), they’ll launch several attacks to government’s websites too. Deface a web and tell the representatives that people don’t trust. Perhaps…

What you think? Do you agree if web defacement and denial-of-service are forms of demonstration? Or you don’t?


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2 thoughts on “Hacktivisme & Hacktivist

  1. No, it is not. Most of web-defacer and dos attacker were just script-kiddies and just use the moment as proof that their crime can be used for good thing.

    In the real world, nobody care but the network and website administration. The owner of the website themselves ( the government, the representatives, the white collar company who pollute air and river ) would not even care.

    Press would only report ‘the activity’ and not ‘the message’. It would not add any value.

    It would be better if they hack into the object’s internal network, find some proof which may work on the court against those crooks, and bring the case to the press, expose the crime. That would be the one I call Hacktivism.

    Posted by Kunderemp | 5 January 2009, 19:37
  2. I agree if they (red: gov, rep, white collar) don’t care. Just their admins do. This action isn’t interested enough for them rather than what they’ve done to enrich themselves.

    Finding some proof perhaps is a good idea but hacker who revealed it won’t show himself or will be jailed. He3. As if our president loves technology like Obama, and Information Technology is an important issue, hacktivism will be heard by our beloved government.

    Nice comment, pals!

    Posted by Winnu Ayi | 6 January 2009, 02:39

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