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Punclut & Its Nice Spots

First I say for you all, HAPPY NEW YEAR!! 2008 has passed, welcome to 2009!!

In my first day in 2009, I don’t wanna waste my time just for sleeping at lab. Let’s do something worthed. Then what should I do? Or where will I go? How about you? What did you do today? Slept all day, helped your mom or went on a date with your soulmate?

I went to Punclut from Cimbeuluit. The road was broken and uphill. After a while, I found that there were many Warung Timbel and many people were spending time with their families in those Warung. I gave it a try. Ordering a Fried Chicken, Red Rice in a “bakul”, Lalapan, and a fried tempe. It costed Rp12,000. Expensive, perhaps, but it equals to the view of Bandung City.

Continue my journey, I rode my lovely motorbike to the uphill. Asked to people around, and I knew that last night uptown people celebrated their Happy New Year here! They said there were crowded. Wow! I agree because from here we can see citylight of Bandung. Another information, I could go to Lembang from this road.  Alright! Let’s find out, pals!

And it’s true, I reached Lembang from Sesko AU. But, I turn back to Punclut and find two nice spots. Can I call it Dragon Spot and Bukit Batu? Those two spot have a most super boombastic greatest view of Bandung City. Hahaha! Especially, Bukit Batu, it has two side of view. One to see Lembang City and the other to see our lovely Bandung City. I am happy today!

Finally, I found out a way to Dago Atas from here. So Dago – Punclut – Lembang are connected! Hahaha! Stupid conclusion! Of course, everyone knows that but the question is have you tried to prove that? Hehehe… For people who love adventure, try this, you’ll regret if you never go there.


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2 thoughts on “Punclut & Its Nice Spots

  1. Where’s the picture, nu? 😀
    I think I never go to Punclut.. but who knows?
    Actually, I remember went from Dago (near Bu Aciek’s house) to Lembang..
    Did I go to punclut without knowing it?

    Posted by narpen | 14 May 2009, 19:15
  2. sorry, I forgot to take a picture. maybe next time if I ride my motobike again.
    don’t go from Dago but from Cimbeuluit. and FYI, the road now is good. I hear if one politic party funded the road. but you can take direction from Dago but the view isn’t awesome like Cimbeuluit.

    Posted by Winnu Ayi | 17 May 2009, 14:36

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