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ngobrolin Frequency (Review Film)


Ah gila film ini!! Baru saja selesai ditonton. Film ini memiliki kesamaan genre dengan Back to The Future, tentang terjadinya paralel waktu dan dimensi yang saling terkait. Dan pasti bikin siapa pun yang menontonnya tidak akan bisa menebak alur ceritanya. Terlalu banyak kemungkinan jalan cerita. Jauh lebih menegangkan daripada Back to The Future. Mengapa demikian? Karena film ini juga menunjukkan sisi pembunuhan yang tidak terpecahkan di tahun 1966 dan 1999. 30 TAHUN! Crazy!

Endingnya… Happy Ending? atau Bad Ending? No way! Tonton sendiri! I recommend all of you who want to waste your time to watch this movie!

NB : penulis storylinenya pasti sering minum aspirin… 😀

ngobrolin Coding TicTacToe di Minggu yang Indah

Nonton tipi, bosen. Baca komik, bosen. Jalan-jalan, dah sering. Futsal, kaki kanan masih cedera. Terus ngapain donk Minggu yang indah ini?????

Coding Game TicTacToe sajaaaa 😀

Setelah seharian ngutak-ngutik, buat requirement -> spesifikasi -> design -> coding -> testing (no dokumentasi, males), akhirnya berhasil dibuat game TicTacToe versi cupu, Human vs Human. Bukan Human vs Computer aja. Lah kelas AI saja sering bolos, bagaimana mau canggih gamenya. Hehehe. Dibuat khusus untuk console di Windows saja. Mestinya Linux juga bisa karena compiler yang digunakan tentu saja GCC tercinta. IDE menggunakan Netbeans 6.5.

Pseudocode-nya berikut ini, sederhana sekali.

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Angelique, The Heroine from France

I’ve watched nice movies in TV5 Asie. There were pentalogy movies. The movies were made in 1964. It were so old!! And the protagonist is a heroine, AngĂ©lique SancĂ© de Monteloup. She was played by MichĂšle Mercier, an France actress.

Angélique lives in France in 1661 when Louise XIV was still alive. She was like Indiana Jones, but in another way, she has to fight against Versailles Court, Persian ambassador, and Kesultanan of Aljazair. The stories are very good, from France to Aljazair. Hohoho! I love them much, indeed.

The Young MichĂšle Mercier at age 25. (1964)

AngŽlique marquise des anges

Disclaimer : There are many pictures. For low bandwidth connection, think again!

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Hacktivisme & Hacktivist

Hacktivism and Hacktivist. Sounds great!

George Hulme thinks web defacement and denial-of-service isn’t classified as cyber war, but these actions are forms of demonstration in the cyber world like people who demonstrate in front of US Ambassador to condemn Israel’s attack in Gaza, Palestina. They just want to protest what they think isn’t right in another way, not to yell or to fight against the police, but “protest” in the internet like deface or launch an attack.

Maybe in the future, we’ll see when young people demonstrate in front of  DPR (Dewan Perwakilan Rakyat), they’ll launch several attacks to government’s websites too. Deface a web and tell the representatives that people don’t trust. Perhaps…

What you think? Do you agree if web defacement and denial-of-service are forms of demonstration? Or you don’t?

Punclut & Its Nice Spots

First I say for you all, HAPPY NEW YEAR!! 2008 has passed, welcome to 2009!!

In my first day in 2009, I don’t wanna waste my time just for sleeping at lab. Let’s do something worthed. Then what should I do? Or where will I go? How about you? What did you do today? Slept all day, helped your mom or went on a date with your soulmate?

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